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Nas Qnap Ts-Pro 253-8 G (8 Gb Ram)
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Sell NAS QNAP TS-Pro 253-8 g (8 GB of RAM) with a low price and have the following specs

-2-Bay NAS,
-8 GB RAM DDR3L (max 8 GB),
-SATA 6 GB/s,
-2 Giga LAN,
-Read 224MB/s,
-Write 222MB/s,
-Hardware transcoding,
The HDMI-out with XBMC,
-Virtualization Station,
-Surveillance Station,
-Max 1 UX expansion unit

Please contact us for pricethe best info and availability of the goods and get the promo for QNAP NAS purchase at certain periods.


(The price listed in the price column, not the actual price)
Contact us immediately to get information about types, prices and the latest stock.
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